Organ / Tissue Donation and Transplantation

One of Kathleen Stringer’s proudest moments as a mother came when her daughter, Rowan, received her driver’s licence in the […]

All too often you hear about someone in need of an organ transplant. Less often, you hear about someone who […]

The Kidney Paired Donation program is an interprovincial program operated collaboratively between Canadian Blood Services and Canada’s living kidney donation […]

People call Sherry Provis a hero, but she insists it’s no big deal. She’d do it again if she could. […]

When a person wants to donate a kidney to someone they know, but medical tests indicate the donor and recipient […]

In 2008, Canadian Blood Services was tasked with the job of developing three unique, yet inter-connected, organ registries to help […]

Canada now has a real-time, online organ waitlist registry for patients in the last stages 
of organ failure who are […]

Ask Hélène Campbell what she loves most in this world and her first answer is invariably her family. Next; probably […]

Canada’s ground-breaking Living Donor Paired Exchange (LDPE) registry recently celebrated its 100th transplant, a landmark milestone achieved less than one […]

When Deb and Will were expecting their second child, they carried with them all the excitement and hope that all […]