Meet some of the people who are giving back to their community and saving lives in the process.

Volunteers at Canadian Blood Services help give life by supporting blood donors during the donation process, recruiting people for blood or stem cell donations, organizing a blood donor clinic in their community, or raising awareness of the importance of blood donation.

Norman, Anastasia and Anita are three people who show how contributing the gift of time makes an enormous difference to patients across the country.

Anita Legere
Fredericton, N.B.

Compassionate, caring and fun-loving, Anita has contributed more than 2,000 hours volunteering for the blood system since 1984. Anita is a strong advocate for blood donation in every activity in which she participates. A confident, take-charge volunteer, she has filled many roles in various programs including: refreshment attendant, donor recruitment and retention volunteer, What’s Your Type? volunteer, Partners for Life recruiter, OneMatch recruiter and in-clinic leader.

Norman Thomas
Calgary, Alta.

Since 1968, Norm has supported the blood system first as a blood donor, and now as a plasma donor and volunteer. To date, he has made 676 donations and in the last year alone, volunteered at 44 mobile clinics. Norman started donating simply because he felt “It was the right thing to do.” He strives to encourage and recruit new donors through the many volunteer activities he’s involved in that benefit Calgary youth and seniors.

Anastasia Panoulias
Burlington, Ont.

When she was only 11 months old, Anastasia was diagnosed with thalassemia, a genetic blood disease that results in mild to severe anemia. As a blood recipient, she wanted to give back to her community and became a volunteer in 2011. Since then, she has volunteered as a spokesperson, volunteer trainer, and public awareness volunteer. She also actively recruits new donors in the community and has even recruited her daughters and husband to volunteer.