Canadians in communities across the country are coming up with creative and thoughtful ways to raise awareness and funds to support Canadian Blood Services. From these generous financial donations, we fund initiatives that support technology enhancements, improve donor clinics across the country, enhance programs to recruit and retain donors and invest in research. All of these contributions result in helping us give life to Canadian patients.

Vampire books for blood

In 2014, author Scott Burtness created the Vampire Books for Blood event, now held annually from Oct. 1 to 31. The event brings Canadian vampire book authors together for a shared goal: to raise money for Canadian Blood Services. Participating authors pledge to donate at least 10 per cent of their net royalties from sales of their book during the month of October. The event website at allows readers to easily browse and find books from participating authors.By purchasing a participating author’s book, a reader knows that a portion of the proceeds will be donated by the authors in Canada to Canadian Blood Services.

Amanda’s lemonade stand to fix hearts

When Amanda was two years old, she set up her first lemonade stand on her front lawn to raise money for other children. Now 17 years later she has raised over $200,000 to “fix kids hearts that are broken.” Last year her brother, Josh, wanted to expand their area of support to organ donation. He felt very strongly that if hearts couldn’t be fixed, he wanted to help ensure a patient could find a new one. This year they included Canadian Blood Services as one of their charities of choice, in support of its organ donation programs. For more information visit

Honouring her mother’s memory

Linda Beaton, a Co-operators Group employee from St. John’s, N.L., honoured the memory of her mother, Judy Murray, with a $10,000 gift from her employer to Canadian Blood Services for increasing her mom’s quality of life through regular blood transfusions. No matter the size of the event or activity, each fundraising opportunity helps increase financial donations and raise awareness for Canadian Blood Services.

For more information about hosting your own event and for a listing of past and upcoming events, visit our community events page at