Across Canada

In the fall of 2015, Canadian Blood Services launched a bold new campaign to highlight the power we all have to give life, and to encourage Canadians to share what matters most by donating blood or registering to
become a stem cell or organ donor.

Our Power to Give Life campaign incorporates an image of Canadians proudly displaying bright red bandages as a badge of honour. It aims to spread the sense of empowerment our donors feel, and encourage others to rally around a meaningful, life-giving cause. The new look reflects the many images of proud donors who were already showcasing their bandages after donation.

To kick off the movement, Toronto commuters were entertained by our new “Give Life” street team. Groups of supporters dressed in red body suits handed out bandages and invited people to take “Give Life” selfies at major landmarks and intersections across the city. Our “Give Life” street teams will be travelling across the country this year to invite others to join the cause, so keep your eyes open and your cameras ready!

Blood donor clinics have also replaced regular bandages with new “I GAVE LIFE” red bandages. These bandages are a visual reminder to donors that each of their donations has the power to save someone’s life.