Chris Chan regularly donates blood to contribute to the supply that helped save his young son’s life.

It only took a couple of hours to change the Chan family’s life forever.

After noticing a growing number of bruises on their threeyear-old son’s body and a rapid loss of energy, Chris and his wife Stella took their only child, Arthur, to see their family doctor. After a blood test that afternoon, they were surprised to receive a call from their doctor during dinner that same day.

“The doctor told us, ‘Your son has leukemia, take him to the hospital immediately,’” Chris recalls. “We were totally shocked.”

Diagnosed with advanced acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), Arthur began a rigorous treatment of chemotherapy that would continue for three and a half years.

It was heart-wrenching to walk his young son through this experience, Chris says, recalling the hair loss, ulcers, fevers and extreme nausea Arthur experienced at such a young age.

While Chris remembers the blood transfusions that Arthur received to make his body healthy enough to continue fighting his cancer, it wasn’t until after Arthur made a full recovery by age seven that Chris was able to think about giving back.

As a grateful father to a healthy, cancer-free 20-year-old son, Chris now donates blood regularly, posting pictures to social media to encourage friends and family members to join him.

He and his wife, Stella, also fundraise in support of BC Children’s Hospital, where Arthur received his lifesaving cancer treatment.

“It’s important to my family to give back to the community. I especially make a point of donating during the holiday season,” Chris adds, noting the strong impact that Canadian Blood Services’ calls for blood donation have on him throughout the year. “Every time I donate, I ask people to join me. It’s good to go together.”