OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network

As a long-time, committed blood donor, Kabir Chughtai was between his 40th and 50th donation when he decided to join Canadian Blood Services’ OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network as a potential stem cell donor. “It seemed like the next logical step for me and a way to maybe save more lives,” says Kabir.

In late 2012, a few years after registering, he learned he was a potential match for a patient in need.

Unable to have his stem cells screened in Saskatoon, Kabir, his wife and their three children packed up the family vehicle and drove right away to Edmonton for testing. After the family returned to Saskatoon, testing confirmed that Kabir was the right match. He drove back several days later to donate his stem cells and save the life of a patient in need, in late 2012.

“I feel very blessed,” he says of the opportunity to donate. “Who knows, one day it could be me in the same hospital bed receiving stem cells. If I was called again to donate, I’d be the happiest person.”

Photography by Lorella Zanetti