Partners for Life

Organizations choose to become members of Canadian Blood Services’ Partners for Life (PFL) program for many reasons. But for London Drugs, the reason is purely, “because it is the right thing to do.”

“It doesn’t get any simpler than that,” says Laurie Lowes, Manager of Health and Safety at the company that operates 77 stores across Western Canada.

As a champion for the PFL program, Laurie encourages members of his organization to donate blood. Since 2008, London Drugs has been a strong supporter in British Columbia of the PFL program, with partnerships in the Lower Mainland, Prince George and Kelowna. Its members have donated nearly 1,000 times.

Laurie passionately spreads the word on the importance of blood donation every chance he gets. An instructor with St. John Ambulance, he teaches students how to save lives and reminds them they can save even more lives through blood donation. As a member of the BC Retail Safety Society, Laurie tells fellow retailers about the ongoing need for blood and encourages them to sign their organizations up for PFL.

In 2010, when Canadian Blood Services launched its Bloodmobile – a roving four-bed clinic on wheels that serves the Lower Mainland – London Drugs was one of the first organizations to get on board. They were excited to be able to host clinics at their retail sites and head office and have welcomed the Bloodmobile 57 times since the launch. The result: more than 2,000 donations, including almost 650 new donors. In fact, last year, London Drugs’ donations accounted for about 10 per cent of all donations made at the Bloodmobile.

Being this successful isn’t just about pulling the Bloodmobile up to the curb and opening the door. Getting people inspired to donate and helping them understand the reasons they should participate takes the work of a great team, like the one at London Drugs. Helping out Laurie is president and CEO Wynne Powell, the marketing department and the store managers – all involved since day one. Always looking for new ways to promote the clinics, the team has posted information to their blog and store employees recently wore pins to advertise upcoming Bloodmobiles to customers.

Dedicated to being involved in their communities, London Drugs has encouraged their partners, vendors, suppliers and competitors to also become involved with blood donation… and join them in doing the right thing.