Partners for Life

Efficiency Nova Scotia Corporation (ENS) is an independent organization responsible for helping Nova Scotians reduce their energy consumption and improve their energy efficiency at home and at work. They have helped families, businesses, institutions and communities save a level of electricity that would be equivalent to taking 31,000 average households off the grid. But that’s not all this energetic group does; they also save lives!

Natasha Fillmore, a dedicated blood donor with 96 donations to date, joined ENS in 2010, as the Customer Experience Manager. Ready to rally her teammates and with the support of one of the executive team members, John Aguinaga, ENS joined the Partners for Life program.

Natasha’s role as champion has been one of the key reasons for the organization’s success as a partner with Canadian Blood Services. Their initial pledge of 60 units was surpassed by 15 in the first year. It’s not surprising that ENS has set a goal of 85 units for this year.

“We’re lucky to have employees that are enthusiastic, passionate and caring; qualities that drew them to work for Efficiency Nova Scotia in the first place,” says Natasha. “Blood donation seems like a natural fit for us so it has always been pretty easy for us to recruit new donors every month. Right now, we have about 80 employees in total and more than 30 per cent are blood donors.”

Judging from past experience and their response to helping the community in so many ways, their commitment is electrifying!