Amir Hosseinzadeh, volunteer for Canadian Blood Services, giving his all for the Blood Photo Bomb campaign during National Blood mDonor Week.


Community Development Coordinator in Charlottetown, Lisa Rusk, doesn’t hesitate to name the traits of an ideal volunteer. By definition, says Lisa, all volunteers are caring and community-minded but she also lists the following characteristics as key to being an ideal Canadian Blood Services volunteer: genuine, empathetic, passionate, engaged, energetic and creative. These are traits she has no trouble attributing to one exceptional volunteer from the Fitzroy clinic, Amir Hosseinzadeh.

Amir is an international student at the University of Prince Edward Island from Iran studying to be a cardiologist. He has become a fixture around the clinic with his big smile, boundless energy and creativity. He knows how important blood donation is to the community’s health and that donors should be celebrated for their contributions.

Combining healing instincts that will serve him well in his future career and his creative talents, Amir has found many ways that he can contribute to our life-saving mission in PEI. It is as though he wishes to leave no helpful stone unturned.

In addition to being a regular plasma donor, Amir takes a steady shift as a volunteer in the refreshment area where he has become a donor favourite. An accomplished photographer, he uses the images he captures to keep the donor bulletin board updated in interesting and colourful ways.

Amir has also been trained on our What’s Your Type? program and participates in these events as another way to contribute to our recruitment efforts. Having a fellow student involved at WYT events goes a long way to attracting interest at school-based activities.

In the latest of his endless pursuits of kindness and creativity, Amir is now organizing and participating in a OneMatch swabbing event planned to take place on the island this November.

Amir exemplifies the spirit of all community volunteers in his kindness, but his creativity, passion and energy make this young man a very remarkable volunteer indeed.