Octavio Hardy

In December of 2011, Matthew Hardy and his wife Fabiola Akaishi took their two children, Octavio and Olivia on a trip to visit with family in South America. While travelling, their son Octavio, three-years-old at the time, came into contact with a life-threatening bacteria (E. coli 0157).

Initially, Octavio’s symptoms began as common digestive issues however they quickly worsened into a condition known as  Haemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS). HUS occurs when an infection in the digestive system produces toxins that destroy red cells which puts several organs at risk, particularly the kidneys.

Matthew Hardy, Octavio’s father recalls the important role that blood donors played in his son’s treatment.

“The replenishing transfusions of blood were the only way to keep my son alive until the toxins could be flushed out naturally,” said Matthew.

In Octavio’s body the red blood cells were being destroyed faster than his body could produce them. Blood transfusions were the only way to treat Octavio’s condition.

“No other piece of medical equipment, machine or treatment could have done what blood donations did to help save Octavio’s life,” said Matthew.

“Our son is alive and well because blood donors took the time to give blood.”

Prior to this incident, Octavio’s parents had never given blood donation much thought. Now that they understand how it can make all the difference, they have each made their first blood donation.

As for Octavio, he’s a happy little boy again who just celebrated his fourth birthday thanks to the kindness of blood donors.