Partners for Life

(Left to right) Sukhbir Shah, Charlene Goodwin, Pardhuman Singh Dindsa, Kuldip Singh, Ajit Singh rally their support of youth donor, Dipty Badhaan (seated) whose donation on April 21’st helped the Sant Nirankari Mission exceed it’s blood donation target at their annual April clinic.

A committed member of Canadian Blood services Partners for Life program since 2009, the Sant Nirankari Mission sees its involvement in blood donation as a way for its members to extend their humanity. The mission organizes blood donation camps every year in April and October in major cities across Canada and has delivered impressive results with more than 1500 units of blood collected since joining the program.

Each year, on April 24, the Mission, and others around the globe, observes Human Unity Day. The Sant Nirankari Mission, since 1987, has held a service during which congregation members give blood or contribute their time and effort to recruit and plan successful group blood donations.

An important focus for the Mission has been the encouragement of youth donors. His Holiness Baba Hardev Singh Ji encourages youth to be at the forefront of all community activities. He believes if youth takes responsibility they can create milestones. Their enthusiasm and dedication has been witnessed many times and especially during blood donation clinics in which they take on responsibilities from registration, administration, serving food, parking and encouraging and helping donors. Most importantly, they inspire each other to actively participate as blood donors themselves.

Throughout the year, the Mission often schedules their group donations to support clinics that need more donors during challenging times of the year, such as during statutory holidays or the busy December holiday season. This support goes a long way towards helping ensure that hospital patients continue to receive the blood they need at all times of the year.

Appreciating the enthusiasm among the devotees of the Mission to donate blood, Canadian Blood Services have recognized Sant Nirankari Mission Canada Inc. as a national partner, which is a great achievement. The congregation in turn thanks Canadian Blood Services for making the Mission a national Partners for Life organization and will continue to promote the cause to save more lives through blood donation.