Jackson Wei is a 16-year-old student who has been volunteering at Canadian Blood Services’ Oak Street clinic in Vancouver, B.C. since November 2010.

Recently, he and a team of friends entered – and won – a contest called the National Impact Microcredit Challenge. Together, they generated the highest profit from among close to 100 teams competing across Canada.

Their business model focused on selling used college prep books, as well as offering free on-line tutoring to their customers. From their earnings, Jackson chose to donate a generous sum of $1,000 to Canadian Blood Services.

Jackson made the decision without hesitation.

“A close relative was recently involved in a car accident and needed surgery, which required large amounts of blood,” he said. “The experience helped me realize how important the work of Canadian Blood Services is in collecting blood to help save lives.”

Jackson said he’s interested in donating blood when he’s old enough, and that volunteering is a way for him to thank donors for providing a lifeline to others.

“I do what I can to make donating more pleasant and welcoming so that donors will come back, again and again. It’s an honour for me to serve drinks and cookies to people whose actions are helping hospital patients in need.”

Jackson is now enjoying summer, helping out as a volunteer, and getting ready for Grade 12. In his spare time he hangs out with friends, watches television, plays badminton and basketball, and every now and then, finds time for creative reflection.

Canadian Blood Services is grateful to have a wonderful young man like Jackson on its volunteer team. We wish him success in his final year of high school and in his future career in the business world.