Across Canada

See that drop? Hear that cue? It means take action.

Earlier this year, Canadian Blood Services launched a bold new marketing and recruitment campaign called “Rally Together to Save Lives.” As part of the new campaign, the organization created the “Blood Signal”—a visual and auditory symbol designed to connect Canadians socially and emotionally to the idea of giving blood.

You can’t miss it. When you see the Blood Signal in newspapers and billboards or hear it on your local radio stations pick up your phone or take out your laptop and rally your friends and family. Book an appointment to donate blood. Because the Blood Signal means we need your help to replenish our inventory in order to keep up with hospital demand.

The Blood Signal was first activated in June 2011 and then again in July and August during the challenging summer months. Donors changed routines; they traveled, they vacationed or they were distracted with summer activities—donating blood was not always top of mind.

“When we ask, Canadians respond. In fact, Canadians give blood more frequently than in many other developed countries,” says Tony Steed, Director of Marketing and Recruitment. “We have to build for the future. We need to focus on turning new and current donors into lifelong donors and grow the active donor base. This Blood Signal is meant to indicate times of increased need for donation.”

So far, the Blood Signal has proven to resonate with residents of major cities like Toronto and Vancouver. Canadian Blood Services saw many new donors enter our clinics during these times and we experienced an immediate increase in collections over the summer months after the Blood Signal was activated.

You won’t see or hear the Blood Signal with every campaign we run or with every message we send out. Instead, the Blood Signal will only be used during times of increased need if and when they occur throughout the year. It is a reminder that the need for blood is great. Its purpose is to serve as a rallying cry for communities to come together and save lives.

So look for the Blood Signal online (, watch for it, listen for it and encourage your family and friends to join you as you help patients and save lives.


Blood Signal video

New Donor OMNI Spot (YouTube video)