On Dec. 29, 2008, the stars aligned for the first ever meeting of Olga and Ian. Olga Milosevich, a well-known and much-admired producer and host of CBC Radio’s weekly arts show “Connections” and Ian Johnson, a Servicing Coordinator/Policy Analyst at the Nova Scotia Government & General Employees Union. Both happened to be at the Halifax blood donor clinic generously making a life-saving donation. In addition to being regular blood donors, a mutual affection for the late peace activist, Muriel Duckworth, provided the common ground for Ian to initiate a conversation, which swiftly led to wedding bells seven months later, in August 2009.

The day that started it all began when Ian spotted Olga from across the clinic and knew he needed to seize the opportunity to meet the woman whom he had admired from afar.  He did his best to get through his donation and quickly rushed over to the refreshment area to make his introduction.  The connection seemed instant and after the ensuing two-hour, heart-to-heart chat they were left to wonder, as they waved reluctant good-byes from their cars, whether the sparks that flew were a symptom of lower blood pressure or something entirely more enduring.

He sent her an e-mail the next day but Olga was very busy and it took her a month to reply.  But when she did, a date was set. When they met again their hopes were confirmed, the feelings they sensed that day in the clinic were still there and real.

Just a few short months later, Olga and Ian were making wedding plans.  Olga announced their upcoming nuptials to her colleagues who demanded to know where she met the man who captured her heart.  To which Olga replied, “at the blood donor clinic; what better place to find love?”

Since their first meeting Ian and Olga have made it a tradition to visit the clinic each year on Dec. 29th, to celebrate their life together by saving a few more with a blood donation. This year’s celebration will be the first at our new Halifax blood donor clinic, which relocated to Bayers Rd. in January 2011.”