OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network

Great people, music, food and Wi-Fi were just a few things needed to bring together many potential stem cell donors virtually and in person. The OneMatch Internet Café was the first online recruitment event for OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network.

Guests enjoyed live music and delicious food while having the opportunity to save a life by completing their online registration to become a stem cell donor.

The event was organized by Steve, a local doctor and lymphoma patient who found himself in need of a stem cell transplant. As a practicing physician from the Greek community, Steve knew that younger, ethnically diverse male donors offer the best post-transplant results for patients.

To reach out to these potential donors, Steve and his family turned to social media, advocating for the need of all patients through Facebook. Wanting to create a stem cell drive in their community, Steve’s family worked with OneMatch to create an Internet Café.

Together, they filled a hall with numerous live bands, catered the evening with authentic Greek fare and equipped the café with computers set up to process online registrations at

Throughout the evening, guests enjoyed the entertainment and found out more about stem cell donation from OneMatch representatives. Even Steve attended and told his story to the young people interested in becoming stem cell donors.

When the family saw the community’s support with a constant influx of new faces to the café they were overwhelmed at the reach of their online efforts. Online registration events are the newest way to reach out to younger potential donors and bring in great value for all Canadian patients from across the country who are just like Steve.