Partners for Life

The future is friendly for Canadian hospital patients, thanks in part to our partners at TELUS.

As one of Canada’s largest telecommunications companies, TELUS is leading its industry in supporting blood donation in the workplace.

“We believe in giving back to the communities in which we serve,” notes Josh Blair, Executive Vice-President, human resources. “We want to provide unique opportunities for our team members to make a positive impact on the neighbourhoods in which they live and work. There is no more direct way of giving back than by giving blood.”

TELUS has partnered with Canada’s blood agency for many years (dating back to the days of the Canadian Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service), but just recently launched an official national partnership with Canadian Blood Services and Héma Québec (Québec’s blood operator) to make an even bigger impact.

Through the national partnership with Canadian Blood Services’ Partners for Life program, team members in B.C., Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec have donated towards a joint donation goal, uniting as a team to save hundreds of lives in need.

In 2010, TELUS employees gave an impressive 1,731 donations, surpassing their goal of 1,500 donations by 15 per cent. This year, the company’s goal is to reach 1,800 donations.

“We are thrilled our team has embraced this initiative wholeheartedly,” says Josh. “To me, this showcases the real power of caring for our community through spirited teamwork.”

In order to successfully achieve those donations, TELUS has gone above and beyond to support its commitment to blood donation, including hosting blood donor clinics, allowing team members to donate on company time, and including blood donation in its TELUS Day of Giving, an annual event where team members, retirees, their families and friends are encouraged to volunteer their time toward a philanthropic cause. In fact, nearly 400 employees donated blood as part of the 2010 TELUS Day of Giving.

“TELUS is one of our largest and most committed partners,” says Kathy Broad-Scott, Regional Partnership Specialist in the B.C. & Yukon Region, who works with TELUS’s head office in B.C. “Because hospital patients need blood products every minute of every day, we rely on the consistency of partners like TELUS to keep our blood inventory stable.”

Both corporate and community groups are encouraged to join Canadian Blood Services’ Partners for Life program in order to rally together to make a direct impact on the lives of fellow Canadians. By building a team of donors, setting an annual donation pledge, and choosing a blood donation champion, Partners for Life teams are taking an active role in supporting Canada’s blood system.